I'm not dead yet

That's the phrase I wore on the t-shirt under my snowboarding gear when I took the day off yesterday to hit the slopes with my buddy Steve. We had a great time up there at Crystal and, once some new snow drops, I'm sure we're both ready to hit it again.

We started off with three runs down their bunny hill and were, quite frankly, a little disappointed in ourselves. We didn't have the control we wanted and when we fell it hurt with the hard pack down there. After those runs, however, we didn't give up and we headed up to a lower green run. After two runs down there we were starting to feel better about our skills mainly because we could get up enough speed to really practice. After lunch (remind me to brown bag it next time) in the cafeteria we headed back up and easily surpassed where our skills were at the end of last season. In the spots we're most familiar with we started picking up a bit more speed and were making some really tight transitions.

Our new boards from Northwest Snowboards did us really well and it'll be fun getting to know the equipment better as time passes. Thanks to Steve for being my twin when it comes to boarding skills and to Angela for being our company up there. We can't wait to head back up! Now if I can only convince Sarah to try snowboarding...

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