Photos ~ 2005 Seattle Auto Show

I hooked up with Gavin and his buddy Luke this afternoon to take in the 2005 Seattle Auto Show. Although it didn't have quite the bling-bling showiness we thought it would it was still a good time. Although we hoped there really was no "booth babe" presence to be had. Nevertheless, the cars were certainly pretty and we did manage to get Luke a photo or two with a lovely Subaru gal. The most suprising/impressive automotive specimen from the event were:

• Lego Volvo - stylish yet very Atari 2600 graphics-like
• Jeep Commander - this and other large-nosed vehicles that seem to be all the rage need two things: a) a cow catcher and b) commercials where a serene shot of a lush forest is interrupted with said vehicle exploding from the greenery, landing, and triumphantly sliding into a Vogue shot
• V-10 powered Dodge Truck - this bad boy only gets 9 MPG city -- haven't we as a race evolved beyond this kinda' thing yet?
• two cool Saturns - I guess they're trying to sex things up a bit and doing a decent job at that
• a Galactic Blue Hyundai Elantra - because Sarah should've got her's in that color

Afterward we had a good dinner at Standford's and were pleased that the seriously soggy driving we had to do earlier in the day was now largely clear of the intense precipitation.

2006 Subaru WRX STI

2006 Subaru Legacy Wagon

Jaguar hood ornament

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