Flying and fireworks on the 4th

After a slow start this morning Sarah and I covered ourselves in sunscreen and silly hats and headed for the party. The Tacoma Freedom Fair, that is. We took the path from nearby Proctor Street down the the Puget Gardens Park to get down to where the action was happening on Ruston Way. The trail leads down a steep ravine face and into lush forest. Near the trails end Puget Creek issues forth from a spring at the bottom of the hillside and gurgles and burbles before nearly immediately heading out to sea. We met Angela and Steve right after we got to the shoreline and walked with them for the afternoon. We paused for a while to catch some aerobatics over the water, to listen to a little girl try out to sing the National Anthem for a Seahawks game (she was awful!), to watch some RC cars race, to cheer on some dragonboat racers, to eat some food, to catch some shade, see a couple tall ships, some classic cars, and to watch some pole vaulters. The weather today was perfect and made for a really nice afternoon. Once our feet grew pretty tired along with our tolerance for booth after booth of useless crap, we headed home to relax for a bit.

After staying up a bit late last night, Sarah and I grappled with whether or not we would stay up late tonight to see the Freedom Fair's fireworks display over Commencement Bay. After a couple hours I finally decided to hop on my bike and ride six blocks or so to the top of another nearby ravine where earlier we saw a couple Honey Buckets setup in anticipation for a crowd of viewers. Sure enough, when I rounded the bend on Stevens Street there were cars and blankets parked to view the display. I found a good spot, setup my tripod, then gave Sarah a call to have her come join me. Although I only arrived an hour or so before showtime I got a spot right at the fence and just before everybody came.

Just before the show started a woman complained to me about my standing to take pictures. She actually tried to make me justify my actions by asking if I was with the newspaper or something. Although I sympathized I also had no problem telling her if she'd been in her place so long, why didn't she take the spot I had right at the fence where no one would get in my way. Without a response and with the support of some other nearby folks, I took my position (slightly crouching out of partial consideration for the nice lady) and snapped away while the fireworks shot up over a hillside nearby.

It's been a long, tiring weekend but Sarah and I made some progress around the house as well as in enjoying ourselves with friends on a beautiful Fourth of July weekend.

Tacoma Freedom Fair - it was a beautiful afternoon to be outside in Tacoma

Tacoma Freedom Fair afternoon airshow

Tacoma Freedom Fair - dragonboat racing

Here's that girl singing the National Anthem -- maybe it's a practical joke

When dogs rule their owners

Mind you, these were covert shots

Dog in stroller, shadow of Kevin in hat

Tacoma Freedom Fair - this hot link truly was hot as you can see by the jalapeno seeds within

Tacoma Freedom Fair - Lady Washington out at sea

Tacoma Freedom Fair - flames on a classic muscle car

Tacoma Freedom Fair - police boats clear the area around the fireworks barge on Commencement Bay

Tacoma Freedom Fair - fireworks

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