Election results sans flashy graphics

Sometimes the traditional media has the power to do wonderful work while sometimes they instead rely on babbling anchors and flashy graphics and animation. When it comes to elections, however, I rely on very few sources. NPR is generally a solid resource that keeps things in perspective and stay pretty balanced about things. We're fortunate here in Washington State to have a great Secretary of State website that gives us the results. It's easy to click on a link and just see for yourself rather than wade between all the fluff on TV to find out if you voted with the winner or loser.

I hopped out the door to vote this morning the old fashioned way -- at the polls. That's right. Somehow I've resisted the mail-in bandwagon and even turned down the option of an electronic voting machine to draw a line with a pen. I figure things will most likely go all mail-in in the near future and go online in the somewhat distant. By voting in-person I may have something to tell my grandkids someday. That or I'll impose my good ol' fashion ideals of "walking" and "voting" on them when they are teenagers hooked into who-knows-what form of tech toy that I'll claim is completely rotting their brain.

Whatever the case, it's too late to vote now but do it next time, darn it!

posted Nov 7, 2006 under 2006, general election, house, results, senate  

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