Photos ~ 2007 Daffodil Grand Floral Parade

After a quick breakfast at Cascade Bagel we staked out a spot on the steps at the Plaza and enjoyed today's Daffodil Parade. The weather was first a bit dreary then warmed up nicely. The event was pretty lengthy with some impressive bands, floats, tons of pirates, lots of Jr. ROTC and other groups. I saw a college band buddy leading his group in the parade and had a chance to chat it up a bit with Marty Campbell.

Afterwards we walked down Pacific and saw a great kid's marimba band then enjoyed lunch and some great blues at the Harmon.

Intolerance announced

One group was overlooked by the nearby parade emcee and it kinda' disturbed a couple people we were with. Since they're "from the country" (a.k.a. central Oregon) they were a bit put off by the fact that every entry in the parade was announced whether the announcer knew who they were or not -- every entry except on concerning local gay and lesbian groups. Not a word. The mic went silent. It's pathetic to think that a pro at making stuff up just to fill the air would have nothing positive to even make up when a group like this passed by. I know there's plenty of intolerance left out there it's just sad to realize that it's alive and well in a least a few here in Tacoma.

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