Photos ~ 2008 McChord Air Show

Saturday, with 150,000 of my closest friends, I headed to McChord to take in the air show. The Ferguson's were my ride and company for a great day of enjoying an amazing show in the sky as well as on the ground. I didn't even see everything and still enjoyed myself. Highlights included an amazing WWII bombing of Pearl Harbor simulation complete with exploding charges on the ground, seeing the tech-heavy and cramped inside of an AWACKS, watching as an F-15 snagged some low clouds as it flew through them, and the ever-impressive Thunderbirds in formation.

Though not a fan of war, the machines that support our men and women of the armed forces are incredible feats of engineering that I thoroughly enjoy seeing close up and in action. Take it in as you might, but McChord knows how to put on a show and what a beautiful day for it.

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