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Blue Angels Seafair Practice

Jul. 31, 2014
We love our spot in West Seattle and seeing the Blue Angels practice their air show today is yet another. Here also is a quick Vine video of a...

Seattle Seafair Air Show 2013

Aug. 4, 2013
After complaining about the news choppers hovering over our Columbia City home I decided if I couldn't beat 'em I'd join 'em. I drove from here down MLK and...

Photos ~ 2008 McChord Air Show

Jul. 22, 2008
Saturday, with 150,000 of my closest friends, I headed to McChord to take in the air show. The Ferguson's were my ride and company for a great day of...

Photos ~ Freedom Fair Air Show, People Watching, and Fireworks

Jul. 5, 2008
I had a chance to enjoy some of the finest this year's Freedom Fair has to offer yesterday. The air show with my buddy Gav and his mom, some...

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