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Played inside PAX

Sep. 2, 2019
Between D20 Brass Band and 8-Bit, we've been waiting 6+ years for this. It was awesome....

Honk! Fest West 2016 - Capitol Hill

Jun. 17, 2016
With family in town and a dead camera battery I didn't stick around Honk! much today but had a great time playing. HUGE thanks as well to Alden for...

Honk! Fest West 2016 - Day 1

Jun. 16, 2016
We started off Honk weekend at the fantastic Georgetown stables. I didn't catch everyone but had a blast playing our first Honk set with Hot Damn! Brass Band and...

Honk! Fest West - Day 4

Jun. 22, 2014
Today is the kind of day I would qualify as personally epic: 3 gigs, 24 miles biked, and was treated to BBQ chicken complete with Connie's homemade sauce and...
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Be in a Dia del los Muertos band

Oct. 30, 2007
Jamie from Thrice All American has rallied together a pile of sheet music and a group of musicians to play at this Friday's Dia de los Muertos celebration on...

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