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Heron w/Seattle's Skyline

Apr. 23, 2016
This lovely bird dropped by our neighbor's roof to take a peek at their koi pond below. Though he didn't dive in for any fish treats, he did give...

On the Scene - Tacoma Co-Op Drive Thru

May. 31, 2012
All joking aside, it sounds like 4 people were injured after a woman driving down 6th Ave. had a seisure and rammed into the front corner of the Tacoma...

Mt. Rainier and Old City Hall at Sunrise

Dec. 13, 2011
All I can say is wow....

Photos ~ Luzon Building in Portraits

Sep. 18, 2009
Whether it stays or [more likely] goes I had a slow wander around the ill-fated Luzon building yesterday during my lunch. For extinct animals we have museums and I...

Photos ~ Minor damage to Marcato after car accident

Jul. 30, 2007
As Exit133 reported, a car hit the Marcato condos this afternoon. I stopped by a minute ago and the Tacoma Ave. is wide open and the car that hit...

Rug Barn building getting some TLC

Jun. 11, 2007
Any business with "barn" in the name kinda' scares me. Especially that strange spot at the corner of Proctor and 12th. Can't say I've ever been inside but it...

Photos ~ Eagle's Lodge demolition

Apr. 7, 2007
On our recent gorgeous Friday I swung by the former Eagle's Lodge to have a look at the demolition process. They've taken a pretty sizable chunk out of it....

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