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Mt. Rainier, Old City Hall, Colby, Quiche, & Froyo

Apr. 7, 2012
I started off this particularly beautiful Saturday with a few photos of our beloved Mt. Rainier and Old City hall and a quiche from nearby Corina Bakery. Colby got...

Warmth and Cats

Nov. 20, 2011
After sleeping in a bit I spent some time building Colby a perch to keep out here for his visits. Though I won't bring him out except when I...

Bath Time for Colby

Aug. 13, 2011
Yeah, I get a certain sadistic joy out of bathing my kitty boy Colby, it's true. Deep down he actually enjoys it, I swear! I can tell because once...

Photos ~ Flowers in the yard, Colby, mushrooms flowers inside

Jun. 16, 2010
The blooms and flora in my front yard were looking lovely this morning! I had a little time before heading to work so snapped some pics. Colby was happy...

A case of sick kitty (updated @ 11:40am)

Jan. 6, 2006
After Lulu was under the weather around Christmas it was Colby's turn to get sick. He's been feeling it since the 1st and, despite still eating, hasn't become completely...

A case of kitty sniffles

Feb. 2, 2005
Yesterday our tubby gray kitty Colby came down with a bout of sneezes and sniffles. Although this has happened in the past, it's never fun to get used to....

Friday night in the ER

Jul. 12, 2002
So after a requested early departure from work, the request-ee (Sarah) stood ready for her pickup outside Davita's office building in downtown Tacoma. The minute she got into the...

Featuring Colby

Feb. 9, 2001
Today was a delightful day because (with camera handy) I got to spend time with Sarah and her new pride and joy Colby. He's a fantastic addition to her...

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