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Photos & Video - Clear, Blustery Tacoma Morning

Feb. 19, 2011
The waters of Commencement Bay were choppy from the chilly winds we received in Tacoma this morning. Beautiful February Saturday outside but perhaps only for the hearty among us....

Photos ~ Commencement Bay at Night With Moonlight

Sep. 16, 2008
After the usual Monday night at The Red Hot and a quick grocery stop I realized the nearly full Moon was out and still low in the sky. Realizing...

Photos ~ Commencement Bay in a Summer Storm-Given Shroud

Aug. 26, 2008
The evening after my Sunday hike I drove from my house down Stevens and spied a stunning sight looking toward a usually stunning viewpoint. The overlook where I've watched...

Photos ~ Talls Ships Parade of Sail

Jul. 4, 2008
Last time around I missed the procession of the tall ships into town and wasn't about to let that happen this time around. I caught this year's Parade of...

Photos ~ Late June Lightning

Jun. 30, 2008
Oppressive heat like yesterday is something PNWer's just aren't accustomed to. Neither is the unstable atmospheric conditions it can create when you mix hot and humid with an incoming...

Photos ~ Morning color and the steaming bay on a frosty day

Nov. 29, 2006
I sure wish someone would knock down those power lines and that batch of trees that mar any shots I want to take of Mt. Rainier from our 2nd...

Photos ~ 2006 Tacoma fireworks over Commencement Bay

Jul. 4, 2006
After a busy day down at the Freedom Fair Sarah and I were joined by a slew of friends to watch the Tacoma fireworks. I staked out a spot...

Photos ~ Narrows bridge deck segments in Commencement Bay

Jun. 9, 2006
Don't worry -- they're on a ship in the bay. Have to keep the headlines short, you know. Anyway, there's a huge Dockwise ship out there with a huge...

Cafes in Tacoma that leave something to be desired

Apr. 19, 2006
Lunch duties are passed around the office each week so I've got a decent knowledge of places to grab some grub during the noon hour. I'm usually pretty easy...

Photos ~ A walk to curb the Monday blues

Apr. 10, 2006
Although Garfield despised Mondays, I don't usually have much of an opinion on the subject. Until my day reached late afternoon when a few, relatively minor, things went wrong....

Photos ~ Rainy evening waterfront walk

Oct. 2, 2005
Sarah and I went for a stroll on Commencement Bay along the Ruston Way waterfront early this evening. There was a solid shower raining down but we protected ourselves...

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