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Columbia City Townhomes Move Forward

Aug. 22, 2013
Finally! The townhome development that's sat stagnant for years on Renton Ave in Columbia City is finally poised to move forward. Tomorrow, actually! A couple cars parked out in...

Nalley Valley Viaduct Construction Accident

Jan. 12, 2013
A brief note on Twitter alerted me that I should get my camera as close to the Highway 16 Nalley Valley viaduct as possible this afternoon. Turns out, a...

Tacoma Sounder Construction Pacific Ave. Preview

Mar. 16, 2012

Photos ~ Pillars of Progress

Aug. 14, 2009
Whether passing by on my Vespa or bike I'm always impressed with the scale of the project going on to get traffic across the Nalley Valley. The human comparison...

Photos ~ Future FUMC Site Construction Update

Jan. 17, 2008
The other day I updated on the large pit where the former historic First United Methodist Church once stood. FUMC will soon have a new home on the corner...

Photos ~ Former FUMC Site Construction Update

Jan. 15, 2008
It's been a while since an update on the location of the former historic First United Methodist Church. MultiCare is on its way to building its new emergency departments...

Construction fence graffiti clean-up

Nov. 5, 2007
Saw this poor construction working wasting his time having to cover up graffiti left on a fence surrounding the new UWT building off Pacific. Anyone else perceive an overall...

Action at the Elks building

Aug. 2, 2007
KFnet friend Michael pointed out that on his walk to work he saw some activity over at the old Elks building. Though it's not be full-scale renovation just yet,...

New United Methodist and old bricks

Jul. 10, 2007
Looks like renovation of the First United Methodist is underway at their new location on the corner of 7th and Tacoma. Work began late last month and will be...

Video ~ Narrows bridge goes dark

May. 15, 2007
As I mentioned last week, the new Narrows bridge is no longer going dark but is dark. Efforts to light the bridges are going well and you can always...

New Narrows bridge going dark

May. 5, 2007
There's a great image (at right) on the front page of the News Tribune showing only one strand of lights remaining on the new Narrows bridge. The other is...

Narrows Bridge part rolling toward Tacoma + video (update 1)

Apr. 11, 2007
As Erik pointed out earlier that huge expansion join is now on the road from Spokane to Tacoma. You can track it's progress here. WSDOT even posted a video...

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