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Seattle Japanese Garden

Nov. 1, 2014
Nothing brightens a gray Northwest day like friends and a stroll through a place lush with Fall color. Connie and I joined Matt and Kelly for a visit to...

Fall Color at Kubota Gardens

Oct. 20, 2013
I haven't had it in me to hop back on my bike after the spill I took a few weeks ago. So today Connie and I went out for...

Photos ~ An Issaquah Evening

Oct. 14, 2008
The plan tonight was to head to Fry's then meet up with a friend for dinner in Issaquah. I didn't really allow for enough time between work and my...

Tacoma's Fall Colors ~ Wapato Lake

Oct. 25, 2006
Yet another local park I hadn't visited until last Sunday was Wapato Park [ map ]. We headed there after taking photos on North Union and out at Snake...

Tacoma's Fall Colors ~ South Tyler and Snake Lake

Oct. 24, 2006
Color was everywhere along Union near UPS but we eventually moved on toward South Tyler and Snake Lake. Here we found one particular tree along the road just bursting...

Tacoma's Fall Colors ~ Union Street and UPS

Oct. 23, 2006
Fellow KFnet friend Joel and I enjoyed a morning making a big loop around Tacoma in search of fall color. I alone snapped about 350 photos and, inspired by...

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