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Power substation fire Seattle, Korean BBQ dinner

Jul. 23, 2014
Excitement at work today as a (thankfully injury-free) power substation fire billowed smoke into the air downtown Seattle. Aside from that, Connie and I encountered our worst downtown traffic...

Steaks Over the Open Fire

Jul. 5, 2012
Yessir, this is how we do delicious steaks in Tokeland....

Photos ~ North End Garage Fire

Jun. 27, 2009
A barrage of sirens followed by the smell of a nearby visible pale of smoke came from a north end fire this morning. The detatched garages of two houses...

Photos ~ Atlas Foundry fire aftermath

Oct. 7, 2007
Just wanted to post a couple more shots of the aftermath from that Atlas Foundry explosion yesterday. Local damage to the Atlas facility is pretty severe with partial collapse...

Hob-Nob damaged by fire

Oct. 30, 2006
KFnet friend Dave just let me know about a fire over at the Hob-Nob restaurant and lounge on 6th Ave at the edge of Write Park [ map ]....

Another fire in Tacoma tideflats

Sep. 27, 2006
Looks like there's another fire down in the tideflats. Seems like it's been mostly put out now. Plenty of sirens headed in that direction from downtown and a large...

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