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Lost in the Seattle Fog

Aug. 14, 2014
This morning's fog revealed the true nature of Seattle....

A Very Foggy Tacoma

Nov. 2, 2011
My walk in to work today greeted me in the face and in my bones with a chilling fog. The layers I enjoy wearing were just about enough to...

Photos ~ Commencement Bay in a Summer Storm-Given Shroud

Aug. 26, 2008
The evening after my Sunday hike I drove from my house down Stevens and spied a stunning sight looking toward a usually stunning viewpoint. The overlook where I've watched...

Video ~ Foggy Narrows bridges from the train

Jun. 4, 2007
On her way south last Friday wifey Sarah shot this great video from the train. Pretty impressive view and weather especially considering how toasty it was around that time. It'll...

Lunar Reflection...

Jan. 7, 1999
To continue my series of amazing yet seemingly insignificant discoveries made here by me here at my home in La Center, Washington I serve up a challenge. Fog blanketed much...

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