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More trains at Freighthouse

Jul. 24, 2007
Freighthouse now has the Sounder, the Link, will soon have the dinner train, and eventually the Amtrak station and light rail to Seattle. They now also have model trains....

A couple changes over at Freighthouse

Jul. 18, 2007
A couple changes to note over at Freighthouse. First, the Spirit of Washington dinner train folks are taking over suite 101. The former space of a massage parlor toward...

SWOJO and a new BBQ place at Freighthouse

Mar. 12, 2007
I swung by (get it?) to check out SWOJO over at Freighthouse on Saturday. I stuck around for their first set and enjoyed their sound. The selection of charts...

Freighthouse Sq: Art, flowers and the British are coming!

Feb. 21, 2007
I frequent Freighthouse Square more these days 1) because I really don't like making my own lunch in the morning and 2) I work with my wife who's even...

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