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Sunny day, trenching, and sunset in Tokeland

Apr. 22, 2011
I took the day off today to head coast-ward and I couldn't have picked a better day. Slight breeze, some puffy clouds in the sky, and temperatures hovering in...

Photos ~ Gardening in the Allotment, Edinburgh Skyline

Mar. 22, 2009

An exciting weekend around the house (update 1)

Apr. 1, 2007
We started off with Saturday and a heaping shovel full of weeds. It's become a yearly tradition since we removed the grass from a couple strips on the south...

Photos ~ Hit the ground weeding

Apr. 2, 2006
Hoola hoes are your friend. Especially when there's a patch of weeds as long as your house to be cleared. That's one of the many [not] exciting activities we...

Photos ~ More planting and Tacoma Rainiers game fireworks

Jul. 3, 2005
Sarah and I spent most of the day shopping for then planting some some more plants. After we wore ourselves out doing that, we headed over to our friends'...

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