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Hilltop Artists' Glass at the Seymour Conservatory

Apr. 13, 2012
Glass art in a glass enclosed jungle. Perfect. I <3 Hilltop Artists and the W.M. Seymour Botanical Conservatory!...

Chihuly Visit to Hilltop Artists

Feb. 3, 2012
The call came in last night around 11:30. But I didn't get it 'til about 6:30am when I woke up. My friend Kathy wanted me to come by to...

Dale Chihuly in Tacoma

Jun. 30, 2011
I just had the pleasure of seeing a wonderful new(ish) exhibit of Dale Chihuly's Northwest at the Tacoma Art Museum and hear from/meet the man himself. The works on...

Photos ~ Monkeyshines '09 Outing

Jan. 26, 2009
This year the Monkeyshines are at it again having released hundreds of glass ball floats into the wild in celebration of the Chinese New Year. I had a chance...

Hotel Murano Staycation - The Art

Apr. 24, 2008
I can't claim to be particularly knowledgeable about particular artists or pieces but I do know what I like. Aside from enjoying our room and food experience, the art...

Photos ~ Hotel Murano Sculpture from Bottom to Top

Mar. 5, 2008
Saw this morning that the tarp is off and headed over to the Hotel Murano to see the new sculpture. Just after 10am most of the  scaffolding was off...

Photos ~ Music and Glass at the Conservatory

Feb. 11, 2008
Sarah and I had the pleasure of getting over to the botanical conservatory yesterday to listen to some music and view some glass art. Our co-worker Joe Izenman played...

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