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Family Christmas in the 'Couve

Dec. 25, 2012

Black Friday with Family on the Coast

Nov. 23, 2012

Oysterville Walk, Beach Thanksgiving with the Parents

Nov. 22, 2012

Christmas 2011

Dec. 25, 2011
Christmas morning and present are always a fun time but two-and-a-half year old's make it even better....

Halloween Party Like It's 1985

Oct. 29, 2011
After a last minute costume idea hit me yesterday I spent time pinging around town today picking everything up. Happily, I was able to go local (e.g. avoid big...

Trek Across Tokeland with Family

Jul. 3, 2011

Tokeland 4th of July Parade & Festivities

Jul. 2, 2011
Today was a stunning day for my first experience of the Tokeland on the 4th of July. Aside from a breeze the processional of local fire trucks, political candidates/causes,...

Hanging Holiday Cards for All to Enjoy

Dec. 27, 2007
The holidays don't officially end until after New Years and this idea may still come in handy especially for folks that leave their decorations up 'til April. ;) What...

Chocolate peppermint cupcake? Don't mind if I do. (now with photos!)

Dec. 1, 2007
Got an email from Reina over at hello, cupcake and a new flavor is making its holiday appearance starting today. I'm sure you guessed by the title that it's...
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Monday holiday blues

Dec. 19, 2005
Man the holidays can really take it out of you. After shuffling around a bit this weekend there didn't seem to be much time to relax and catch our...

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