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Deck Cleaning Test

Jul. 5, 2014
Yes, it can be cleaned. Though I may opt for a careful pressure washing method to avoid scrubbing (hard!) and chemicals....

Shiny New Floors!

May. 4, 2014
We hired Andy and the nice folks over at American #1 Hardwood Floors to refinish our first floor and I got to see the results today. I think it's...

Safety First Rail Installation

Apr. 17, 2014
The house is not yet ours since we've embarked on a real estate journey through a short sale bankruptcy this far there's no sense in turning back now. However,...

Painting the Tokeland House

Sep. 9, 2012
Wow. So that took a bit of work -- nearly all week of our week off, actually. We started in last Tuesday with a little bit of prep then...

New Tokeland Kitchen Lights

Sep. 4, 2011
It's the simple things. See: swapping out flat, fluorescent lights for some warm, effective track lights from Ikea....

Cleaning at the Tokeland House

Apr. 9, 2011
My Tokeland house. After a couple months getting everything organized I signed all the paperwork to make this little house out in Tokeland mine. That being said, I couldn't...

The Home Improvement Reality Ratio

Feb. 25, 2008
I started a porch roof project last Thursday and I had every intention to be done Friday so I could enjoy the rest of my weekend. Not so. As...

Photos ~ New Porch Roof (Day 1)

Feb. 21, 2008
Today and tomorrow I'm off from work to stay home. It's not really a vacation but more of a work party for one. Since move-in day the flat, tarred...

A little help from my dad

Oct. 7, 2006
Didn't waste much time getting up and around this morning since my dad was on the road and here first thing this morning. Sarah took off for a fund...

Time to finish the rain barrel

Jan. 9, 2006
I just went downstairs to feed the kitties and realized it'd been raining pretty steadily for some time tonight. The local weather radar showed us in a patch of...

New home improvement project planning

Jan. 7, 2006
Yes, no sooner than the New Year ticked by did I begin thinking about the projects to come around the house. Believe it or not, I did this all...

Replacing an old thermostat

Nov. 3, 2005
Sometimes I have little revelations that pop into my head and recently one of these had to do with thermostats. Yeah, home ownership can really have an effect on...

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