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Adventures in the New IKEA

Feb. 25, 2017
We had to be out of the house due to having some drywall work done so we headed south to the land of IKEA. They just opened their new...

Crowdsourced Apartment Interior Design

Sep. 13, 2011
So I'm moving into my first ever (dorms don't count) apartment toward the end of this month and actually want to be proud of my small space. To do...

Photos ~ LED-Pimped Ikea Table

Apr. 19, 2010
As part of my home office overhaul I decided it was finally time to rid myself of the particle board, K-mart desk I've had since college and upgrade a...

Shopping for light

Jul. 23, 2005
We had a big day of fun up in Tukwila (aka Mallland) to hit a few places for some home improvement items. We started at Ikea. Our trip here...

An afternoon at Emerald Downs and Ikea

Aug. 14, 2004
Sarah's mom drove up from Vancouver today to join us for an afternoon at the races. We picked up lunch first at Engine House No. 9 on 6th Ave....

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