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Downtown Tacoma Sunny Winter Day Walk

Jan. 27, 2012
I stopped off at Hal of a Sub for my usual (and fantastic) egg salad sammich today then decided to walk the long way back to work to enjoy...

Photos ~ Picnic Lunch Sammich, Burrito Dinner

Apr. 1, 2009
The weather turned awesome yesterday and today so I packed up my lunch and headed to the park. It was fun to watch the world and all the local...

Photos ~ Tasty Sandwich Lunch, Homemade Chili Dinner

Mar. 24, 2009
Yeah, I also didn't get out much today. Work, blustery cold weather, and that whole darkness thing may have something to do with it. Best part is that's why...

Photos ~ Mushroom Quesadilla Lunch, Hot Dog Dinner

Mar. 23, 2009
Yeah, didn't really get out today. But the food inside was good! ;)...

Photos ~ Lunch Time Neighborhood Walk

Mar. 17, 2009

Photos ~ First Lunch at Top of Tacoma Cafe

Feb. 4, 2008
After seeing a post earlier today about the lunchtime opening of the cafe side of Top of Tacoma [ map ] a gaggle of co-workers (a.k.a. local bloggers Cassioposa,...

Breakfast and lunch at Mary's (update 2)

Aug. 22, 2007
I started my first day exposure to the new Mary's Burger Bistro at about 7am today. I placed my order at their charming walk-up window then headed inside to...

Lunch at Old Milwaukee Cafe

Aug. 22, 2007
After numerous weekend morning attempts at breakfast with no luck Sarah and I were finally able to make it to Old Milwaukee Cafe [ map ] for lunch. The...
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Changing the world through lunch in Tacoma?

Aug. 20, 2007
A new website on the scene created by Brian Dorsey from Seattle aims to break folks out of the comfort zones and meet new people. The site is called...

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