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Snowsnoeing Near Paradise With Friends

Mar. 26, 2011
My friends Linda, Michaela and I headed up to Mt. Rainier today for a snowshoeing trip around Paradise. We planned it only a couple days before but couldn't have...

Photos ~ Crisp December Morning Mt. Rainier, Tacoma Buidings

Dec. 30, 2010
Happy [almost] New Year! It's cold but beautiful out there....

Photos ~ Mt. Rainier & Denver Airport (on the way to Memphis)

Sep. 11, 2010
As always flying out of SeaTac there were stunning views of Mt. Rainier and friends (e.g. St. Helens, Adams, and Hood). I even got to see the fabled Denver...

Photo ~ Never Tired of Mt. Rainier

Feb. 24, 2009
Seriously. It's an absolutely stunning icon of our area. Just thought I'd share how I saw her last night....

Photos ~ Frigid Mt. Rainier Sunrise

Dec. 15, 2008
Despite the bitter cold the sky is clear and brilliant with gusty winds blowing any guck from the area. I could clearly see the North Cascades and a curtain...

Photos ~ Mt. Rainier Textures in the Morning

Aug. 2, 2008
The other day I saw some beautiful light and white gracing the visage of our beautiful giant Mt. Rainier. A layer cake of lenticular clouds drug across the peak...

Photos ~ Beautiful Summer fluke in Spring

Apr. 7, 2007
Wow. I don't need to tell you how stunning it was out there in the Puget Sound area yesterday -- but I will anyway. Sarah and I headed out...

Beautiful Mt. Rainier

Jan. 31, 2007
If this photo says nothing else it says we live in a beautiful place. I feel fortunate that at any given time we're treated to some wonderful sights both...

Photos ~ Morning color and the steaming bay on a frosty day

Nov. 29, 2006
I sure wish someone would knock down those power lines and that batch of trees that mar any shots I want to take of Mt. Rainier from our 2nd...

Film takes loving look at Mt. Rainier

Nov. 9, 2006
It's right in our backyard, we see it all the time and take for granted how far into nature we can get in an hours drive. It's Mt. Rainier...

Seeking fall colors (inquire within)

Oct. 19, 2006
A co-worker took a jab at my urban living yesterday by pointing out how much fall color she sees on her drive into work from Orting. I suppose I...

Photos ~ Tacoma morning, Northwest Trek, and gaming with friends

Dec. 8, 2005
The sun shone brilliantly this morning and bathed downtown Tacoma in a pink light that I could help but notice. I took a couple photos from the alley near...

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