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Played inside PAX

Sep. 2, 2019
Between D20 Brass Band and 8-Bit, we've been waiting 6+ years for this. It was awesome....

Honk! Fest West 2016 - Capitol Hill

Jun. 17, 2016
With family in town and a dead camera battery I didn't stick around Honk! much today but had a great time playing. HUGE thanks as well to Alden for...

Honk! Fest West 2016 - Day 1

Jun. 16, 2016
We started off Honk weekend at the fantastic Georgetown stables. I didn't catch everyone but had a blast playing our first Honk set with Hot Damn! Brass Band and...

D20 Brass Band at Bremerton's First GAMCON

Jul. 6, 2014
I rode my bike down to Seattle's Pier 52 this morning with trumpet slung over one shoulder and camera over the other. The D20 Brass Band crew and I...

D20 Brass Band at Folklife

May. 24, 2014
D20 Brass Band crashed Seattle's Folklife festival and had a blast doing it. The event organizer team had us parade through Seattle Center before we blew out a set...

Honk Fest West 2013

Jun. 21, 2013
Tonight, in the heart of Georgetown, Seattle's music beats. My first trip to Honk Fest was a total blast. With Connie and friends we enjoyed a Mexican food snack...

Georgetown Carnival 2013

Jun. 8, 2013
Just back last night from a week of business travel Connie was pretty darned exhausted. So, instead of biking to Georgetown Carnival this year, we took the opportunity to...

More Food, Shopping & Leroy Jones in New Orleans

Nov. 3, 2012

New Orleans Street Art, Food, Drink & Music

Nov. 2, 2012
Our second day in New Orleans was a good one. We woke up and walked over for breakfast at Stanley. We shared their version of eggs benedict and French...

2011 Art on the Ave

Jul. 10, 2011

BBQ at Work and An Evening of Music at Amocat

Jun. 10, 2011
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Wow, haven't heard this song for ages: The Folk Explosion, Natural One. Any song with vibraslap (see also Cake) get's an "A"! #pandora

Jan. 10, 2011

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