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Photos ~ Momofuku Milk Bar and Leaving NYC

Mar. 9, 2010
My last day in New York was a pretty relaxed one. I did some web stuff over breakfast, picked up a sandwich to take with me on my flight,...

Photos ~ Evening NYC Wanderings

Mar. 8, 2010
After a great day meeting with and training a client for work, I found dinner and went for a good evening photo wander in midtown Manhattan. Enjoy!...

Photos ~ Flight and Evening Wander in Mid-Manhattan

Mar. 7, 2010
After a clear and smooth flight I arrived at JFK International Airport and began my first business trip to New York. I've been twice before so it wasn't all...

Classic New York: Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building

Sep. 24, 2005
We got up at a decent time this morning and headed out on the subway to lower Manhatten where we bought ferry tickets to see the Statue of Liberty...

New York good times

Sep. 22, 2005
Without taking up too much of my vacation I'll briefly describe things now and elaborate later. We had a great flight out and immediately hit the streets. Here's what...

The road to New York

Sep. 10, 2002
As I may have mentioned to some of you the PLU vocal jazz ensemble was invited (after a strong performance at the Reno Jazz Festival) to sing at an...

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