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Eric Anderson Memorial Parking Lot Guerilla Ribbon Cutting

Jul. 13, 2011
In honor of the soon-to-be ex-Tacoma City Manager, RR Anderson gathered the masses today to christen a parking lot. The lot stands on a former toxic clean-up site and,...

Caption This ~ Red truck and tomatoes

May. 22, 2007
Here's a fun exercise. I put up an odd/silly/easily-taken-another-way photo and you all have fun captioning it. Here's one I took this evening straight from the Costco parking lot: Have...

Shakespeare in the Parking Lot 7/27, 8/5

Jul. 24, 2006
An article in the Trib pointed me to what could be some great Shakespeare performed by a local troop. Shakespeare in the Parking Lot, as they are called, will...

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