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Eclipse 2017 Leg #3: Totality then Baker City -> Walla Walla

Aug. 21, 2017

Eclipse 2017 Leg #2: Prosser -> Baker City

Aug. 20, 2017
Today we made our way from our overnight stop in Prosser, WA down south into Oregon. Our path took us up and down over the likes of the Horse...

Eclipse 2017 Leg #1: Seattle -> Prosser

Aug. 19, 2017

Drive East & Columbia River Gorge Dusk

Oct. 18, 2012

Returning to a cloudy land

Jun. 22, 2004
Matt and I woke up at 6am this morning from some much-needed sleep. Slightly chilled from a lack of blankets due to warm temperatures the night before we got...

Up and back ~ SpaceShipOne's successful spaceflight

Jun. 21, 2004
They did it! Matt and I are now waiting to see if they parade SpaceShipOne, the first privately funded manned space launch vehicle, in front of the crowds. We...

10 minutes to go

Jun. 21, 2004
The loud speaker said we're go for launch. We wait among thousands of people for the takeoff and launch of SpaceShipOne. Matt and I got nearly no sleep so...

Screw Wasco

Jun. 20, 2004
My ass is also a nice place to live....

From Firebaugh onward

Jun. 20, 2004
I'm now navigator on the home stretch of our journey. From our changeover in Firebaugh Matt is now taking a sip from a green-flame painted can of energy drink....

Baboon Figs

Jun. 20, 2004
In the valley, the baboons have an acute tendency to throw the hardest of figs. This, or so the story goes according to Mr. Turner, is how the crack...

Our fruit runneth over

Jun. 20, 2004
Apparently there's no longer a mandatory border sniffing upon entering California. I could be wrong but if they don't scrutinize our vehicle by the time we reach Yreka, we...

California boys

Jun. 20, 2004
We're in California! Yes, the sight of Mt. Shasta in the distance harks back to a time when, during family trips, the are-we-there-yets began. Our poor parents probably spent...

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