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Photos ~ Hard-to-Describe Stunning

Jun. 17, 2008
That's how I felt just a few short minutes ago. My lovely wife and I decided on a late and light dinner at Katie Downs. We hopped on the...

Photos ~ Beautiful February Day Along Ruston Way

Feb. 17, 2008
It's great to see the Sun a little higher in the sky and be able to enjoy it a little on a day off. Sarah and I joined ensie...

Photos ~ Sunny day walk along Ruston waterfront

May. 28, 2007
Things don't get much better around Tacoma than today: Sunny, 60-something degrees and a slight breeze. After doing chores and other odds 'n ends Sarah and I headed down...

Tacoma Photo Gang - Waterlogged on the Waterfront (update 1)

Mar. 25, 2007
Our plans to get together today as a Photo Gang were somewhat complicated by the weather. Nevertheless, after breakfast at Knapp's, a hearty few of us still enjoyed some...
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Tacoma Photo Gang - Down on the Waterfront

Mar. 23, 2007
The Tacoma Photo Gang is at it again this Saturday morning. This time we'll be on and around the Ruston Way waterfront taking pics of whatever we can. Anyone's...

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