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Planting Plants, Sunset from Tokeland

Sep. 6, 2011

Stowe Family in Tokeland, Moon Over Willapa Bay

Sep. 5, 2011
The Stowe family came to visit for the day today and, worried as I was about the chilly, gray weather of the morning, it mattered not because the skies...

New Tokeland Kitchen Lights

Sep. 4, 2011
It's the simple things. See: swapping out flat, fluorescent lights for some warm, effective track lights from Ikea....

Skimboarding with Tokeland Neighbors, Beach with Nephews and Family

Sep. 3, 2011
I taught one neighbor boy here in Tokeland how to skimboard last time I was out. This morning it was his brothers turn. With their mom and another neighbor...

Walk to Tokeland Marina, Colorful Dusk and Moon

Sep. 1, 2011

Low Tide Walk on Tokeland Tide Flats

Aug. 31, 2011

Tokeland Sabbatical: Day... Whatever

Aug. 30, 2011
Yeah, I stopped counting the days out here and am just plain enjoying them. Though I'm getting plenty of good stuff done on FeedTacoma it's on a schedule that...

Long Beach Peninsula with the Parents

Aug. 29, 2011
I can see the Long Beach peninsula from the front door of my Tokeland cabin but, believe it or not, it takes over an hour-and-a-half to drive there. Nevertheless,...

Tokeland Sabbatical: Day 6

Aug. 27, 2011
Today was a lazy day I spend with a friend, Renee, who drove out to visit. We took a long walk down to the short Tokes Point pier where...

Tokeland Sabbatical: Day 5

Aug. 26, 2011

Tokeland Sabbatical: Day 4

Aug. 25, 2011

Tokeland Sabbatical: Day 3

Aug. 24, 2011
Today was a warm, muggy day which made me think I totally want a storm/screen door on the front of this place to get a better cross breeze. Aside...

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