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Photos ~ 2008 Showcase Tacoma

Aug. 11, 2008
I stopped downtown Saturday morning on the ol' Vespa to get an early start at this year's Showcase Tacoma. The celebration was just getting underway as the city woke...

Photos ~ 2007 Showcase Tacoma

Aug. 13, 2007
This year Showcase Tacoma scaled back the physical size a bit but still had plenty to offer. There was art all over and music in the air. As with...

Photos ~ Showcase Tacoma

Aug. 13, 2006
After opening night Friday, Showcase Tacoma kicked into high gear today with plenty to see and do. We sampled a little music, a dusting of chalk art, and even...

Photos ~ Showcase Tacoma opening night

Aug. 12, 2006
After work yesterday we stayed downtown to attend a schmooz-fest opening reception for Showcase Tacoma. Under a tent in Pacific Plaza city and business leaders gathered to celebrate this...

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