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Insanely Beautiful Seattle Skyline Sunset (and other pics from today)

Jul. 13, 2014
Today we took a couple brilliantly homemade sandwiches down the hill to our neighbor West Seattle Brewing to try out their beer and spend some time with people watching...

Sunset in Tokeland

Mar. 23, 2012
Connie and I headed west toward Tokeland with her kitty Alley in tow and were fortunate enough to make it out in time for a lovely, and unusually calm,...

Tokeland, Westport walks with Connie, sunset by North Cove tree

Dec. 30, 2011

Back in Tokeland -- And Ocean Park (briefly)

Nov. 19, 2011
Last weekend while I was in Tokeland and also spending time with family across Willapa Bay in Ocean Park I decided to come back today. So I took the...

Planting Plants, Sunset from Tokeland

Sep. 6, 2011

Photos ~ Dusk Over the Olympics and Narrows Bridges

Jun. 2, 2009
It's great when something catches your eye enough that you whip your head around nearly sufficient to give you whiplash. Last night on my way home from Trader Joe's...

Photos ~ Breakfast and Sunset from Sacramento Airport

Mar. 8, 2009
An hour disappeared last night due to the time change but the morning was still lazy on my last day in Sac. Libby and I shared an omelet (all...

Photos ~ Sunset from Chamber's Bay

Feb. 24, 2008
I was out Friday night at the Chamber's Bay golf course and was reminded just how stunning it is out there. Though not at all a golfer myself I...

Photos ~ Seattle skyline at dusk

Jul. 22, 2006
Gavin had the idea to scope out an area he'd found for taking pictures of Seattle's skyline. After some RC flying tonight, we headed onto an overpass near Beacon...

Photos ~ Colorful sunset after a sweltering day

Jul. 21, 2006
After a seriously hot day here Sarah and I wound down with some greek take out cooling off in the basement of friends Angela and Steve. We were prompted...

Photos ~ Stormy orange sunset

Oct. 7, 2005
While running some errands I stopped to take in the beautiful and somewhat stormy sunset. Too bad that stupid Arby's sign got in some of my shots. Such is...

Photos ~ Flowers, cats, sunset and all that

Jun. 24, 2005
After my conference ended today Dad picked me up in downtown Portland. After having lunch and a nice walk around the city it was nice to see a familiar...

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