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Photos ~ Commencement Bay in a Summer Storm-Given Shroud

Aug. 26, 2008
The evening after my Sunday hike I drove from my house down Stevens and spied a stunning sight looking toward a usually stunning viewpoint. The overlook where I've watched...

Tacoma Photo Gang - Shot da Tideflats (update 5)

Feb. 18, 2007
The second meet-up of the Tacoma Photo Gang went well today and we had record attendance! Thirteen of us met and headed into the Tideflats to shoot some shots....

Tacoma Photo Gang - Shootin' da Tideflats

Feb. 15, 2007
This Sunday the Tacoma Photo Gang is forming back up to shoot up some of the grit and industry in the Tideflats. Oh, and by "shoot up" I mean...

Photos ~ Downtown from the tideflats and a little grit

Nov. 22, 2006
I dropped Sarah off this morning and decided to take the long way home. Which way was that? From downtown I headed toward the south tip of the Thea...

Another fire in Tacoma tideflats

Sep. 27, 2006
Looks like there's another fire down in the tideflats. Seems like it's been mostly put out now. Plenty of sirens headed in that direction from downtown and a large...

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