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Alki Waterfront Fun w/Friends, Kalakala Remains

Feb. 16, 2015
With a little yard work sprinkled here and there the bulk of this 3rd day of our weekend was spent with Aaron and his kiddos along the Alki waterfront...

Photos ~ Cafe du Monde, Waterfront, Streetcar, Tulane Campus, and Mother's

Jan. 18, 2010

Photos ~ Beautiful February Day Along Ruston Way

Feb. 17, 2008
It's great to see the Sun a little higher in the sky and be able to enjoy it a little on a day off. Sarah and I joined ensie...

Photos ~ Balfour Docks construction underway

Oct. 10, 2007
The pieces of our urban waterfront are coming together nicely for all the world to see at the Tall Ships 2008. Approval of a loan from the City Council...

Can Woody's hold their waterfront spot?

Sep. 18, 2007
Woody's Wharf had a solid weekend of advertisements scattered throughout and around the Maritime Fest. It raised our awareness enough to give them a shot. Sarah, Angela and I...

Photos ~ Sunny day walk along Ruston waterfront

May. 28, 2007
Things don't get much better around Tacoma than today: Sunny, 60-something degrees and a slight breeze. After doing chores and other odds 'n ends Sarah and I headed down...

Tacoma Photo Gang - Waterlogged on the Waterfront (update 1)

Mar. 25, 2007
Our plans to get together today as a Photo Gang were somewhat complicated by the weather. Nevertheless, after breakfast at Knapp's, a hearty few of us still enjoyed some...

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