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Turkey Day Winter Storm from Tokeland - Day 4

Nov. 24, 2011
So here I am in Tokeland and another storm decided to batter the area on Thanksgiving day. So far it's about as strong as 2 days ago with winds...

Prepping for the Storm

Nov. 21, 2011
Reports are showing that plenty of wind and rain are poised to buffet the coast tonight. Though I'm excited to experience my first winter storm here I'm also making...

Stowe Family in Tokeland, Moon Over Willapa Bay

Sep. 5, 2011
The Stowe family came to visit for the day today and, worried as I was about the chilly, gray weather of the morning, it mattered not because the skies...

Birds and Sights on the Water in Tokeland, First Evening Fire

May. 28, 2011
I headed out early for Tokeland today and made it to the incredible part of Hwy 105 that grazes the edge of Willapa Bay for miles. There I saw...

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