It's the end of the [academic] year as we know it

Everything's winding down nicely. At least that's what I keep telling myself. With my senior project presentation safely behind me, my paper nearly polished and printed and music concerts are through for the year, I'm feeling pretty good. Work in the PLU Multimedia Lab keeps things interesting but from there I don't have homework but I simply get to enjoy trying to prevent students' year-end stress levels from climbing too high. It has been busier than ever in the lab but I don't mind. I've got a fantastic group of students working with me to aid in our aid to lab visitors. I have numerous challenging and interesting projects on my plate for the coming summer which gives me a chance to expand my knowledge and to experiment with new ideas. Overall I'm content with my education situation as well as work. Sure, I'll still be a senior next year but I will never complain about the path I've chosen. I'm sure it'll only prove helpful whatever the next turn in my life may be.

posted May 14, 2002 under plu, spring 2002 semester, summer  

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