Action at the Elks building

KFnet friend Michael pointed out that on his walk to work he saw some activity over at the old Elks building. Though it's not be full-scale renovation just yet, movement is being made. Just inside the locked gate sits a Honey Bucket and glimpse to the interior condition of the building. There were also a couple guys on the roof. A permit posted on-site harks to a pressure washing of the building starting yesterday and ending on the 7th. Passers by can expect parking along Broadway and Commerce near the building and the Spanish Steps themselves barricaded while work is done. A coat of paint now also graces the Broadway side of the building over a bunch of graffiti at person-level.

Though minor, it's great to see any progress being made on this old beauty. Hopefully sometime soon the City will get that photo safari of the place setup.

posted Aug 2, 2007 under construction, elks building, renovation, tacoma  

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