KFnet household now with little bird

Along with squirrels in the attic, little birds can be quite informative creatures for local bloggers like me. Well, now our household includes such a creature but, I assure you, it wasn't acquired for its tip-generating potential. Last Thursday when I was suppose to be heading out for lunch with my buddy Matt, we happened upon a little blue parakeet in the alley outside my office. The little guy/gal was obviously a domestic pet that I imagine was dumped there. I got a small box from a nearby shop and scooped the bird up and out of harm's way.

So, now what to do? My plans had me going straight from work to that KOMO blogger meet-up and not home right away after work. Well, my heart went out to my new little blue friend so we drove up to a pet store off Pearl, bought a cage and food, then set it all up away from kitty sight in our guest room. Probably starving the parakeet went right for its seed and, now safe and sound, I went about my day. Here's a photo I snapped:

Blue parakeet

Though I seriously doubt it, if anyone knows anyone else who lost a blue parakeet around SoDo Tacoma, please email me. Otherwise, judging by Sarah's reaction over the phone while on vacation, we'll probably make it a new member of our pet family. From tips on the internets, I think it's a girl so, now we need a name. Any Tacoma-centric (or other, of course) suggestions?

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