[Apple] Newton poetry

Yesterday a small package awaited us as we arrived home from work. After my dealings on eBay a week before I new right away what it was. The item I bid on would be a star item among others in my forthcoming Museum of Handheld Computers but was one I didn't think I could get my hands on. As I opened the package and unzipped its travel pouch I saw it for the first time only one thought ran through my head: "MAN it's huge!"

A first generation, 1993 Apple Newton H1000 handheld computer. By all modern handheld standards this baby dwarfs them all and is certainly not meant to slip easily into one's pocket. It's a quintessential piece of the history of such devices because it was so far ahead of its time that it couldn't possibly be accepted by the masses. But sometimes it just takes this sort of idea to get the ball rolling.

There's a personal reason for wanting such a Newton in my collection. Back in high school I worked, for a time, in Hudson's Bay High School computer/media lab monitoring who came and went at the front desk and working on my first personal webpage (which used to reside at http://www.geocities.com/soho/1336/ -- I won't link it because it most decidely doesn't live there anymore). Somehow someone at the school got their hands on one of these Newtons and it instantly became a hit among friends once we learned to exploit the devices willingness to translate nearly any stroke on the screen to text. A few scribbles later and Newton poetry was born. Please enjoy this sampling of Newton poetry as written by myself and Sarah tonight as a cristining event for this new addition to my collection:

Namibia goes Skin
agents pans if ridden
extreme circuit las
risk re Users Irene join
hurting take roof
sweeps I third

   by Kevin A. Freitas

boot worms poison
William Malone hand
worth Donna stood
image my asset due Mrs
9222 pm

   by Sarah Champion

Oh, and I just had to post the following photo of Cranky Kitty™ brand Eye Torture Product. Yeah, he really wants his eyes washed. Eh. At least they're honest. It's pour les chats!

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