Back from camping - more coming soon

I'm back from a few days camping on the Oregon coast. We had a great time with friends and enjoyed spectacular weather. For those interested, I'll be posting and retroactively linking to a slew of photos I took out at the Oregon coast in the last few days. What did everyone think of those auto-posting entries I had come up while I was gone? In case you missed 'em, I posted some pics of an oily I Street now being [re-]repaired, a bit about last week's streetcar meeting, a bit about trying the Corina Bakery, and, oh yes, the goats.

There's plenty to do here on the home front. I'll be a busy bee catching up with "normal" life here in the next day or two. As always, if you have a tip, interesting local tidbit, funny sign, weekend event, random thought, etc, send it over and I'll have a look.

posted Aug 3, 2006 under , camping, long weekend, tacoma  

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