Bad snowboarding day blamed on Skeletor

I've been up snowboarding a couple times already this season and about a half dozen last. I suppose I can't complain too much about leaving the slopes everytime without any injuries. This time, however, was different. Don't worry, I'm OK. Except for that cursed Skeletor and his wrath he unleashed on my groin. Allow me to illustrate:

He-Man and Skeletor boxers

Ya see, my day on the slopes was cut in half due to a injury to my groin when I took a fall, slid on my side, then caught my board which gave a mighty tug on my left leg. The conditions were pretty good with a few inches of fresh powder softening my sloppy technique and padding my falls.

Nevertheless, the boxers Sarah got me for Christmas yesterday came with a curse from the villain on them since my groin pull extended in the area circled in pink above. Coincidence? I think not! It was sabotage and Skeletor is squarely to blame. Either that or there were too many people at Crystal combined with a bunch of moguls and my still n00bie riding skills. Nah -- I blame Skeletor!

I still managed to get four runs in before sitting the afternoon out. Thanks to my perennial boarding buddy Steve and to Reena, Galen and Galen's brother for joining in the fun.

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