Video ~ Bagpipers practice in our neighborhood

It's not often 'round these parts one hears the sound of bagpipes blowing around in the wind. As Sarah and I sat watching some TV last night, we heard just that. Actually, we didn't know what it was a first that easily could've been in our heads during muted commercials. I stepped outside and confirmed the sound and the direction it was coming from. With that, we decided to set out and find them. Turns out we didn't have to go far as they were practicing (likely for this weekend's Highland Games in Enumclaw) in a church parking lot just three blocks away! They were pretty good, too. See for yourself:

This sort of thing should happen more often in neighborhoods because it pulled people out of their homes and off their jogging routes just to listen. I guess we just have to enjoy it when we can.

posted Jul 25, 2007 under bagpipes, pipes and drums, practice, tacoma  

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