Bamboo for me and you at Jade Mountain

Yes, I know that was cheesy. But it's completely true -- Jade Mountain Bamboo is an oasis among suburban sprawl on the southern fringe of what could be considered Tacoma. Sarah and I have been interested in using bamboo to make our backyard more private and usable. Once I drew up a sketch she was sold, then I had to convince myself the cost was worth it. We did a little research online and actually got a recommendation or two to check out Jade Mountain and we finally did so today.

The farm-like lot just off Hwy 512 south of Tacoma has a welcoming, long driveway lined with bamboo both tall and small. The quiet setting and thoughtful layout help make this more of a park than a garden store. I suppose the Japanese garden with multi-thousands of gallon pond kinda' help that, too. Once we met up with [who I presume was] the owner we got a quick but helpful run down of the best bamboos to use for privacy screens. Although it's most of their business, they haven't lost their enthusiasm for their craft. Heck, he even offered us some espresso from some $700 machine they just added to their office.

We're set on purchasing a spreading variety of bamboo called Phyllostachys bissettii for our privacy screen. It sends out runners so we'll need to contain it with a 24" deep barrier and grows to a maximum height of about 20' depending on climate and soil condition. The price for a pot of 5' or so tall P. bissettii is about $50 which, considering it'll basically be a fence, isn't bad. Materials alone for constructing a privacy screen could easily get up there let along the time and labor spend. This bamboo will also provide a natural place for birds to hide and play as well as cool the backyard naturally. I actually can't wait to hear the wind through its reeds and the sound of raindrops hitting its leaves.

Plenty of work to do this week but we'll be trying to get on-track to buy this stuff next weekend so we can enjoy it all summer long. If you're in the area and even if you're not in the market for bamboo pay a visit to Jade Mountain, if for nothing else, to enjoy a little escape from suburban life.

Now to do some de-sodding and digging. Cheers!

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