Tacoma Beer Society and a Day at PSP

Somehow yesterday the stars aligned and their gravitation pulled me into PSP. Starting with the FeedTacoma Feed at breakfast I filled up with a plate stacked three high with pancakes. With a need only for butter and syrup the tasty flap jacks were too much for my morning stomach and I was only able to get through half the pile. The scrambles and omelette's other folks got looked really fulfilling but I decided to take it easy on myself.

Around lunch in our office we bugged out for our holiday party. We started at Chalet Bowl in Proctor where we played through two games. My team was decidedly the best overall with 3 of the top five combined scores for our company. Owner Reggie was very accommodating and runs a pretty tight ship there with new lane and approach surfaces, slim new control panels, and even slimmer flat panel displays for scores, TV, and even presentations if you like. From there it was back to the office where PSP again came into my day since we ordered out 5 pies for everyone to much on while we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and playing games of all variety together.

Finally, there was dinner. We were, yet again, lured back to PSP to get some food before that night's Tacoma Beer Society meeting there. I kept it light with a side salad then had a great time sticking around with friends and co-workers for the tasting.

As always, thanks to Jim and all the PSP staff for the great food. I swear it's not the only place I eat in Tacoma but it's certainly worthy of a marathon like yesterday.

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