Bid farewell to United Methodist

Seems the rather paltry struggle to preserve the 90 year old United Methodist Church building has come to an end. A deadline to file a lawsuit to keep it standing past yesterday. According to an article in Today's News Tribune, no local historical group had enough money. The building was first sold to MultiCare then handed back to the church so they could remove artifacts. This also meant if the space was still owned by a religious institution there's little to no legal precedent for tearing such buildings down due to "free exercise of religion". Check and mate, MultiCare. Well played.

Here's to hoping that as Tacoma grows a) this tactic won't be used to bypass historic preservation in other cases and b) that money for or against tearing something historic down won't always be the battle. We need investment here that is aware and sensitive to accepting our history while helping ensure our future. Look along Pacific at the rich history preserved in all the thoughtful renovation of buildings there and take note that this is what will attract people and business.

Link to the News Tribune
Also in the Daily Index [pdf]

Here are some photos of the United Methodist exterior I snapped in late July.

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