A Birthday full of special features

Today was my 26th Birthday and I enjoyed all of it. At work this morning and on through the day I got calls from my family, emails, and even ran into a couple friends. Since I didn't take the day off I figured I may as well not accomplish anything while I was there anyway! Actually, a busy schedule of meetings kept me producing much tangible evidence of having worked. Nonetheless, the well-wishings proved as a reminder how much the loved ones in our lives really mean. Sarah and I also hastily put together a dinner with Matt, Kelly, Gavin and Holly at a great place in Renton called the Melrose Grill. The restaurant not only had tasty food but the location was ideal for friends that are scattered about the Puget Sound area. We enjoyed yakking it up, joking around, and eating a wonderful full of interesting dishes like stuff pork chops, spinach salad with a peanut vinegrette dressing, mahi mahi and garlic mashed potatoes.

After dinner Matt and Kelly experience some car trouble and couldn't join us at Gavin and Holly's new place just up the hill from the local Ikea. It's a really nice spot and their choice of domiciles is a solid one especially because of the high cealings. Since they're both tall those come in handy for avoiding feeling like a trapped animal.

I was also inundated with gifts of DVDs today. A theme of Futurama emerged thanks to Sarah, her mom and sister, and Mandy got me the first three seasons. Matt's choice was a copy of the first season of that Adult Swim favorite Sealab 2021. On the movie side of things Gavin and Holly dropped the DVD of the original Star Wars films and Sarah also picked out Tim Burton's Big Fish. Whew! I'll need to keep saline by my screen to get through all of this. Too bad I have a job, freelance work, friends and a girlfriend to keep or else I'd have to get through them all marathon-style in a day or two. Thanks for the infusion everyone and thanks for a great day!

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