10 Years of Journaling/Blogging/Whatever-ing

Where/who were you 10 years ago? I was a freshman starting his second semester in college at PLU. I just about got back together with my high school girlfriend (hope all is well with you, your husband and beautiful baby, Melissa!), wanted to be an astronaut, and was working on three websites. How do I remember all this? Well, 10 years ago today, I started blogging.

The word "blog" didn't exist in 1998 so I simply called my writing a "journal". Which it was. My idea was to jot down some thoughts and experiences now and then to share with family back home and friends. I also wanted to record pieces of my life so I wouldn't forget where I came from and who I was. It's the same reason I've racked up over 100,000 digital photos since that same year. I don't have the kind of mind that stores sharp details for years and years from which I could write a detailed auto-biography about what I had for breakfast when I was 15. My journal, however, can tell me stuff like that. We all have a history and, though it doesn't go back to infancy, I'm proud that I can thumb through those years whenever I want and friends and even strangers are welcome to do the same.

This website (along with my life) has evolved into something more. A couple years ago we bought a house and I changed jobs. Living and working in Tacoma together urged my writing in the direction of community advocate and participant. Though I may not muse about my thoughts day in and out my life is here now and writing about Tacoma also means sharing my experiences from here. This is very much still a personal blog though taking on policies and other issues can make it seem otherwise.

My goal going forward with blogging is to divide things up a bit. With the success (and decidedly better blogging tools) of FeedTacoma I'll focus more of my hyper-local, community-related posts at my blog there. KevinFreitas.net will continue to be more on the personal side of things but the Tacoma-centric crossover will continue along with posting my photography. I also hope to do more tech and web development industry blogging. Posts over at our SiteCrafting blog afford me that opportunity and I own a fun domain name that perhaps someday I'll put to this use.

So here I am 10 years of writing later. I'm a graduate of PLU, married to my amazing wife Sarah for over 3 years (been together 9+), still trying to figure out how to be an astronaut, and am a senior web developer for a growing company in downtown Tacoma with a couple hundred websites under my belt -- among other achievements. Will blogging be blogging in another 10? I have no idea. You can bet, however, that I'll still be writing and snapping photos to share so I can remember and be thankful for the life I've had.

Cheers!   ~ Kevin

P.S. - Where's 2003 you may ask? Well, a couple years ago I had a pretty stunning failure of the server that ran this website. Those entries and some from 2004 weren't backed up. I still have the hard drive that failed and, at some point, will recover the contents to re-post.

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