Blogging Ninja's Halloween live blog

Some wacko ninja who fancies himself a blogger emailed me the following account of his day.

No good looks from other drivers. Bummer.

Blogging ninja is so stealthy cameras have a hard time focusing on him.

It'll be fun to see how ppl on the train react.

Why does everyone think I'm a terrorist? I'm a blogger ninja damnit.

There was one zombie bus driver that waved and it was good.

Blogging ninja prevails in office Halloween costume contest. Mind control efforts paying off...

Tonight, for handing out candy, I've transformed into the more kid-friendly butterknife ninja. No sword. Just a butterknife. We'll see how this goes over with the little ghouls and ghosts.

Nearly quarter to six and still no kids. Weather's good so maybe everyone's still getting off work.

Finally! Five kids stopped by and even admired our new yard. w00t! One was a cute little desert camoflage army soldier, one Pippy longstocking with kinda short stockings. There was also a Cher but, upon questioning, revealed she couldn't indeed sing nor did her friends want her to. Nice.

Oh yea, talked to a neighbor briefly who thought I said I was an "idiot" rather than a ninja. Maybe he's old enough he thought I said "igit". Take that -- zing!

Now they're coming in droves. We're up to 10. The last three boys were nice but the poor parent watching them saw them running back and forth acrosss the street from one house to another. One even guessed correctly that I'm a ninja -- at least he didnt suggest I was a jihadist.

Up to 15 now and I've again realized I don't speak kid. Didn't understand a word coming from one of their mouths.

18 now. One was a great shark costume who's mouth had two legs coming out that the kid controlled with his arms. He apparently ate some other kids and his blood and candy. There was l, however, another ninja. Go forth blue ninja -- may you receive much sweet candy goodness.

Two more and one was a cute girl dressed as a doctor 'cept with a bloody mask. Should've got her name so I know not to go with her after she gets out of med school.

Bit of a dry spell now. Pizza dinner is ordered and Sarah's making me watch Friends. Having to stomach that show truly makes Halloween a frightening experience.

Up to 23 but one of those last three didn't know what I was. Sigh.

Happy Holidays? No freaking way. It's Halloween -- mortality. Deal with it.

Thankfully the next kid was a fellow black ninja. 27 and counting.

Another dry spell. Maybe the young kids are don--- wait. A cat girl just came to the door and got two heaping handfuls of candy now that we are desperate to get rid of it all.

Ninja says: thanks to software pirate girl Sarah for filling in while I picked up pizza. See? Pirates and ninja's can get along.

Shy ninja turtle says nothing. Did he want to be out or was this just a parent living vicariously through a shy child? On well, he got candy. And if more don't come we'll have plenty for ourselves/the office.

Big last rush and I'm done. 10 more and it's quitting time for me. No middle school aged jerks are getting my candy. Boy I sound old. Get over it.

A few stragglers have been by and we're up to about 43 visitors. They're still young so I don't mind so much. Plus Sarah is now giving away the huge candy bars.

Oop! 45 now.

We wrapped everything up about nine o'clock. Had a good time and didn't even have any older kids try and sucker us for candy. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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