Boarded windows now adorn corner of 24th and Pacific

Boarded windows 24th and PacificHow absolutely charming. Probably a good move for the spot, however, considering how many of the windows have been broken out there lately. I'm not a native enough of downtown to know what Neener's was like in or if it ever had a hayday. Likewise for the storefront actually on the corner itself. Bottom line is something better needs to happen here. This block brings down any chance of the area to truly boom at all. Dragonfly needs some quality neighbors whether they fit in the existing buildings or they're leveled in favor of something new. Maybe once the Foremost Dairy has new tennants will this block of Pacific have a chance. For now, unfortunately, the boards are an improvement. Can't wait to see who'll mark their territory in spray paint there first.

posted Oct 8, 2007 under 24th and pacific, neener's, sodo, tacoma  

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