MultiCare boiler plant to feature nine-story smokestacks

MultiCare steam plant drawingAn article in the News Tribune this morning gives us a little more detail about the boiler facility MultiCare wants to build on the edge of Wright Park. One feature folks may not like are the nine-story, stainless steel smokestacks it'll have -- three of 'em. We've seen the drawings before (see links below) but knowing the scale is interesting. The rest of the building's description doesn't sound too bad:

MultiCare spokesman Todd Kelley said the building’s architects have built ground-level windows into the brick and masonry building and plan a facade of opaque reflective glass covering most of the building’s east side that borders I Street. The reflective glass is designed to mirror the greenery across the street.

That could be an interesting design if it doesn't get altered between now and construction time. I think, however, for most folks viewing this building from the ground those windows will probably mostly reflect the sky. Laws of light and physics and all. Tilt 'em downward a bit and then you might have something. The smokestacks are also suppose to reflect the colors of the surrounding area. Will they be constantly cleaned or will they develop a dulling moss/mildew like most things that sit outdoors around here?

3/7 - Nine-story stacks next to park? TNT

2/23 - MultiCare Steam Plant Drawing and Fact Sheet, Exit133
2/18 - MultiCare steam plan, Chapter 2, Inside the Editorial Page

So, what do you think? Does this sound like a good neighbor to have living next to Tacoma's front yard?

MultiCare's proposed steam plant drawing

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