A couple local brew haha's - North Shore and Jazzbones

Just a couple quick clips from today's News Tribune. There was a community meeting concerning the North Shore development and something about an owners dispute at Jazzbones. First, a snip from the North Shore article:

“We want deep down in our hearts to know that you guys will do the right thing... But there’s so much money involved, we’re not sure that’s going to happen.”

~ Gerald Burke, North Shore neighbor for 10 years

There was mention of group handing out buttons that read "Save (Open Spaces) North Shore". This is not a park but it is an open space and we, as a community, need to determine what value we put on any open space whether we use it or enjoy the wildlife that use it. Because, once it's paved and developed, it'll never become open space again.

2/16 - Golf course neighbors vent, TNT

Also on the docket, Jazzbones, an anchor for night life on Sixth Ave, is having a little owners dispute. Seems the former owner isn't getting the payments promised from the new one. Though a lawsuit has been filed and a counter-suit will likely follow from the current owner, I wonder if this kind of ugly undertaking could've been avoided through mediation? I only ask because Sixth Avenue is such a beacon for local small business and entertainment that something like this on detracts from what a success the area really is. Or, maybe the former owner just doesn't like sushi.

2/16 - Jazzbones' first owner sues new one, TNT

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